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Public Library for Bikes

Bicycle Lending Library

The Bicycle Lending Library is like a Public Library for bikes hosted by a school, university, or organization. Similar to checking out a book from a library, students or participants can check out a bike, helmet, and lock at no cost.

The Bicycle Lending Library is a part of our overall mission of enabling and encouraging students to bike to school, and providing access to bikes. To use the Lending Library, students must agree to ride on a regular basis, always wear a helmet, and be responsible for keeping the bike safe and secured.

How to Check Out a Bike

Before checking out a bike from the Lending Library, students submit a membership application and then are assigned a bike, lock, and helmet for the school semester as long as they agree to and follow a set of important rules and responsibilities. All students who are selected to receive a bicycle must participate in a safety clinic and group ride where they learn how to properly fit a helmet and how to use hand signals and scanning while riding on the road. 

We provide the bicycles, equipment, routes to school, a safety clinic, and regular bicycle maintenance/safety tune-ups as needed.We can also provide adult sized bicycles available for parents or older siblings to check out in order to ride to school with the student. 

Bicycles for Schools and Organizations

Our Bicycle Lending Libraries are hosted by Elementary Schools, Universities, and organizations. Each Lending Library is designed to best fit the needs of the students and the structure of the host school or organization. For example, the Lending Library at Langford Elementary enables students and parents to ride to and from school, while the one at Eastside Memorial High School enables students to access their mentorship programs at Elementary Schools and internship programs at Urban Roots ATX, and last but not least the library at Huston-Tillotson University provides students living on and off-campus an affordable transportation option.