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Riding, Obstacles, and Activities

Bicycle Adventure Course

The Bicycle Adventure Course is our free form course designed for kids to practice riding, navigating obstacles, turning, stopping, and riding around others. It is intended for kids of all ages to learn and practice skills while riding in a less structured environment than a Bicycle Skills Challenge. 

A Bicycle Adventure Course can be set up at schools, recreation centers, and community-wide events. It is ideally suited for situations where riders stop by stations at their leisure rather than being assigned to 45min time blocks which are used in the more structured Bicycle Skills Challenge program. The course format and layout can be easily adjusted to meet on-site needs and can be deployed on grass, pavement, or a mix of the two. It can incorporate local features like small hills or sets of trees to provide a dynamic riding environment.

Participants are provided a helmet and basic bicycle handling mini clinic before riding, and the riders and course are supervised by staff to ensure a safe riding environment for riders of all ages and abilities. A full fleet of age appropriate bikes and helmets can be provided so that participants are not required to transport their own to the program or event.