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Bicycle Maintenance Clinic

Bike Fix-A-Thon

A Bike Fix-A-Thon is a bicycle maintenance clinic in which youth can bring their bikes to for a quick safety and maintenance check, get a basic tune-up and minor repairs depending on the supplies available, and receive a Bicycle Report Card.


During the program we do a full bike safety check, make any needed adjustments, and perform basic repairs. The rider is expected to “assist” the mechanic, not drop off their bike and return later when it is done. Although the kids won’t be doing most of the technical work, they will learn about what parts of the bike are not working, how that impacts the usability and safety of the bike, how to repair it, and how to avoid having the issue occur in the future. They will receive a Bicycle Report Card detailing the bikes’ starting condition and final condition, as well as notes on additional needed repairs that were outside the scope of the event.

Bike Fix-a-Thons can be stand-alone events, part of a school or community event, or combined with our other program components. We host Fix-A-Thons for all ages!