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In-Depth Skills Development and Off-Campus Bicycle Riding

Bike Club

Bike Clubs are our in-depth small group programs where students learn a mix of riding, safety and bicycle maintenance skills. Navigation and exploration are key focuses of the classes.

Bike Clubs are typically run as semester-long, after-school programs where students attend each week to develop progressively complex skills. In some schools, Bike Clubs are offered during the school day as elective classes or as a part of summer school enrichment programs as well as through recreation centers and various partners. Classes typically meet for 1.5 to 2 hours on a weekly basis and ride off-campus to parks, libraries, the pool, and a variety of other destinations on neighborhood streets, in protected bike lanes, and on nearby trails.

Bike Clubs follow our Cycle Academy’s structured educational program to enable students to become self-sufficient and confident riders. Through Bike Clubs, students build the skills necessary to navigate the streets safely, ride in a group, do basic maintenance on their bikes, map safe routes, and much more.

Bike Club Instructors ride with the students, often times to destinations of their choosing, so they understand how to ride safely and confidently. Students practice riding as a group so that they are equipped to ride independently when instructors are not there to assist them outside of Bike Club.

A basic syllabus is developed for each club based on the length of the class and the number of classes in each session. The syllabus utilizes the Cycle Academy system for pacing, structure, and content.