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Incentive Program To Encourage Students To Explore Their City By Bike

Century Challenge

The Century Challenge has 24 total activity challenges. There are two primary distance goals: a Century and a Super Century. A Century is 100 kilometers and a Super Century is 100 miles. These distances are achieved by adding up all of the participant’s rides after starting the program and include shorter distance milestones, such as 5 miles and 10miles, which are collected along the way. 

In addition to the distance goals, there are two sets of activity challenges to complete. One is the “I rode my bike to…” set, in which the participant earns challenge stickers by riding to destinations such as the park, the pool, a friend’s house, and school. The other is the “I rode my bike with…” set, where stickers are earned by going on rides with friends, family members, classmates, teachers, etc.

Each time the participant goes on a ride, they will record the ride date, the distance ridden in both miles and kilometers, the total number of miles and kilometers they have ridden since they started, and any activity challenges they achieved during the ride. The Century Challenge is for youth of all ages and abilities riding with their parents or guardians, with managed groups, and even on their own or with friends.

You can use a tracking app if you have a smartphone or you can type your starting point and destination into to calculate the distance you traveled.