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Learn-to-Ride Clinic for All Ages and Abilities

Bike Start

BikeStart is our learn-to-ride clinic for kids of all ages and abilities. Students learn the basics of biking – steering, balancing and pedaling – on our dedicated fleet of balance and pedal bikes.

Bike riding involves three key skills: steering, balancing, and pedaling. In our program, students first learn to steer and balance, and then we add pedaling once they are stable and in control of the bike and their body. In addition to bicycle and body control, our BikeStart program covers basic safety skills, helmet fitting, bicycle handling skills, and hand signals depending on the students progression.

We utilize a full in-house fleet of balance and pedal bikes that fit students from Pre through 5th grade and even have additional bikes for Middle and High School students as needed. These bikes enable youth to learn to use their bodies to balance and control the bike, as well as how to use their feet to keep themselves from falling over. 

We run stand-alone BikeStart programs as free weekend community events on a regular basis. We also provide BikeStart programming to groups, as part of a physical education class or as a component of a larger event. Our BikeStart programs are sometimes paired with our adult-aged Beginning City Cycling clinics to provide parents a chance to learn and practice riding skills of their own.  

BikeStart is most appropriate for elementary school (Pre K-5th grade) students, but can be valuable for middle school (6th-8th grade) and high school (9th-12th grade) students as well if they need assistance learning to ride.